The Lily & Sam Show

Short conversations with a toddler

The Lily & Sam Show artwork



  • 35: Nothing
    3 minutes 51 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk about going to the park.

  • 34: Kristoff
    6 minutes 39 seconds

    Kirstoff comes for a visit! Lily and Sam talk to him about his travels and other stuff.

  • 33: South Carolina!
    2 minutes 41 seconds

    After 2 long months away, Lily and Sam are back at it. They talk about moving to South Carolina, Thanksgiving at the beach, and Frozen II.

  • 32: Hot Potato Head
    3 minutes 25 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk about Lily's birthday party.

  • 31: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
    8 minutes 25 seconds

    In this longer-than-usual-episode, Lily and Sam answer some listener questions, talk about waterbottles, and someone gets turned into a shark.

  • 30: Five Caves
    1 minute 58 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk about the cave they went to and some of the things they saw.

  • 29: Tigers 🐯
    2 minutes 36 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk a bit about "Frozen". Again. They also talk about what they've been up to and answer a question from Uncle Adam.

  • 28: The LEGO Store
    3 minutes 11 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk about going to the LEGO Store, birthdays, and painting toenails.

  • 27: That Big Scary Machine Carnival
    4 minutes 54 seconds

    Lily, Sam, and Momma talk about Frozen, Kristoff, and the carnival.

  • 26: I Don't Work
    3 minutes 39 seconds

    Lily and Sam are joined by Momma! They talk about a hike they went on, dance class, and working.