The Lily & Sam Show

Short conversations with a toddler

The Lily & Sam Show artwork



  • 5: Singing Time
    2 minutes 30 seconds

    It's time for some of Lily's favorite songs! Lily and Sam are joined by Emalie for some songs, birthday talk, and a question from another uncle.

  • 4: Restraunk
    2 minutes 12 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk about restaurants and phones. Lily also answers some questions from Andrew, Molly, and Teddy about books and other animal noises.

  • 3: Animal Noises
    2 minutes 31 seconds

    Lily and Sam (with a surprise visit from mom!) talk about some of the animal noises Lily knows, the library, and the waterpark again.

  • 2: Farmers Market
    1 minute 47 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk a little about their trip to the farmers market, bikes, and movies.

  • 1: Hi Mic-phone
    1 minute 27 seconds

    Lily and Sam talk about pockets, snacks, and the waterpark.

  • 0: Introducing The Lily & Sam Show
    1 minute 5 seconds

    A quick introduction to The Lily & Sam Show